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Plastics – The Ultimate Frontier

Creditworthy Performance By Our Industry…

Kudos to plastics…such a versatile material whose fundamental quality is to protect (bacteria and viruses included); this opens up opportunities for a diverse range of applications; be it food, medicine or any other product! The agenda is finally to help the product retain its basic qualities and offer a better shelf-life.

When the first wave witnessed the massive hit due to the mass exodus of the migrant workforce, our industry too faced the crunch of manpower availability. The situation was well handled! Gradually,today, we do witness a better situation now and the scenario seems to be improving from here as well. Our industry, as dynamic as it is, put the extra time that the pandemic gave to very good use! Majority of the companiesended up streamlining processes, critically analysing details and putting corrective measures in place. It also brought to the fore, the creative intelligence of the research and development teams to experiment with new techniques for producing innovative products and thinking out-of-the-box.

With most of us being in the WFH mode, the situation alsohelped sharpen our own skills on the optimum usage of technology of which internet of things (IoT) lead the way to managing machines from your hand-helds, this was a first for many. Family time too got redefined!

As so many firsts that the world has witnessed, a new chapter in the history of Plastindia Foundation was a virtual curtain raiser to the Plastindia Exhibition…never before even thought of! And…how did it go? A big success! Over 1,000 attendees for this virtual event!

Another special feature of this curtain raiser was acknowledging the contribution of the Past Presidents / NEC Chairmen & Industry leaders , all of whom have nurtured and have been responsible for building this colossal brand, ‘PLASTINDIA’.Views of such visionaries at the eventwere an absolute delight!

To sum, the event was a grand success. I wish to extend a big thank you to every member of the team responsible for conceiving and executing this Curtain Raiser to PLASTINDIA 2022. Trust me, the team worked extremely hard to get together this event for the industry!

And, what did the event achieve? On seeing the curtain raiser, the industry was rejuvenated, the enthusiasm soared and confidence ran high on witnessing the approach to the making of the mega platform - an in-person PLASTINDIA 2022, well on schedule!

Jigish N. Doshi

Mr. Jigish N. Doshi

Jigish N. Doshi
President, Plastindia Foundation