Jigish N. Doshi

Mr. Jigish N. DoshiPresident, Plastindia Foundation

Greetings from all at Plastindia Foundation!!

The vision of PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION is Progress through Plastics, and I take pride in announcing, that for the first time, PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION has proactively joined hands with one of its founder member, The Plastics Export Promotion Council (PLEXCONCIL)   to jointly organise the India Pavilion at K-2019,to be held at Dusseldorf, Germany with a special subsidy for the Indian exhibitors, particularly MSMEs participating at the India Pavilion. This financial support has been made possible by the PLEXCONCIL Team with approvals from the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Under this scheme, various financial subsidies are being offered to the exhibitors, and this I am sure will benefit them immensely and help them make an amazing presentation of Indian Plastics at K2019. We are already getting a lot of positive feedback from exhibitors, since the announcement and I hope that the participants at India Pavilion benefit well from this scheme and conduct great business at K2019.

The Plastindia International University (PIU), a visionary project initiated by PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION bids adieu to Mr Arvind Mehta, whose tenure as its first President ended on June 24, 2019. I salute Mr Arvind Mehta on behalf of the entire Indian Plastics Industry, for his commendable efforts in helping the PIU project see the light of the day and thank him for taking this initiative so far.

Jigish N. Doshi

Mr. Jigish N. DoshiPresident

I am pleased to inform you, that we have requested Mr M P Taparia, Managing Director, Supreme Industries Ltd. to take over the challenging task of heading the Plastindia International University as its President.I sincerely believe that with his vision and foresight, the University and its development will see great progress.

Our Environment Committee has been relentlessly working on bringing awareness on correct use and waste disposal of “Single use Plastics”, and the Committee has been closely working with the Central Government on the same. We would like to thank our Environment and Plastics Image Committee Chairman, Mr S B Dangayach for the amazing amount of effort and time that he and his team have put into this initiative and I am sure this effort will go a long way in establishing a positive outlook toward Plastics and its correct use and disposal.

PLASTINDIA 2021, the flagship mega event of PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION to be held in New Delhi is gearing up for yet another showcase of the best from the World of Polymers and Plastics. The event is shaping up well under the leadership of our NEC Chairman, Mr. Ajay Shah. I would particularly like to point out to our readers, past exhibitors and visitors to PLASTINDIA, that construction at the site is in full swing and we can assure all participants at PLASTINDIA 2021 that the new infrastructure will make exhibiting at PLASTINDIA 2021 a truly enriching experience.

Lastly, I would like to invite you in huge numbers at the Indian Pavilion in K Show, Germany to network and connect with the latest technologies, innovations and trends in Plastics.

Jigish N. Doshi President, Plastindia Foundation