Jigish N. Doshi

Mr. Jigish N. DoshiPresident, Plastindia Foundation

Round the Bend

The big industry news for now is the occurrence of PLASTINDIA Exhibition. Respecting the current sentiment, Plastindia Foundation, for the safety and benefit of its domestic and international exhibitors and visitors has decided to postpone the event. It’s now PLASTINDIA 2022, scheduled to be held from 17 th to 21 st February, 2022 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This flagship event, as expected, will be a big game changer for the plastics industry. Block your date and book your space!

An absolute delight is another update that I wish to apprise you of! The Plastindia International University project is now coming back on track. The long pending issues relating to the land are close to being solved. Kudos to the team for all their efforts!

As regards COVID-19, it’s been an experience of a lifetime…and a lot to learn and improve. As I write, the COVID-19 cases continue to rise; from September onwards, there is a strong hope that the cases would start reducing and things will be much better…good time seems just round the bend. We, however, under no circumstances should throw caution to the winds; continue to exercise restraint that is expected from each one of us. As another positive, treatment options are only improving by the month.

Jigish N. Doshi

Mr. Jigish N. DoshiPresident

While detailing of the industry rebound is not yet explicitly known, one that has come out loud and clear is that plastics has been playing a very crucial role in handling the current pandemic…an emerging tagline being ‘Stay Safe with Plastics’ -sanitizers, packaging, PPEs, masks, gloves, vials etc. The most defining period for industries (including plastics) was Apr-May. Things settled down to a fair extent for plastics in June. Another 60 days would see a big difference. Labour availability would continue to pose a challenge for some time; with monsoons, agriculture would be a big attention seeker.

To add, to archive the Prime Minister’s dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat, plastics have a big role to play. Overall, within the plastics industry, I see tremendous capability. Some more support from the government and the bureaucracy, lower cost of power and a good infrastructure will help us with a big leap forward as regards business.

Plastindia Foundation continues to work hard on industry related issues. With support of its founder members, it has made many submissions to the government as regards single use plastics and extended producer responsibility. The foundation is confident of a positive outcome to benefit the industry.

Signing off, I wish to assure you that we are on course for a solid recovery and growth. The future is undoubtedly positive for our industry. I feel the year 2021 will be a very good recovery year, setting the tone for 2022 to be the ‘golden era’!

In the interim, continue to be safe and be cautious. As we approach the festive season, we will have to adopt and accept the new normal willingly. This will help us with a speedy comeback. Stay safe, Work safe!

Jigish N. Doshi President, Plastindia Foundation