Environment and Plastic Image Committee

We work to keep the Fantastic and get rid of the Drastic

Waste management is the collection, transportation, disposal or recycling and monitoring of waste. This material is managed to avoid its adverse effect over human health and environment. Most of the time, waste is managed to get resources from it. The waste to be managed includes all forms of matter i.e. gaseous, liquid, solid and radioactive matter. The issue of plastics waste has become relevant now with it being in the sight of SWACCHA BHARAT Padmashree, Dr S Sivaram the former Director of CSIR National Chemical Laboratory in Pune and an authority on polymers, says that the first step in plastic waste management is changing the mindset of India’s citizens to littering. This is easier than done. The other is the attitude of various stake holders. In spite of the fact that land is fast running out in urban India, the urgency for effective and long term sustainable solution for MSW disposal in our cities is not there. One needs fresh thinking to find solutions . India is likely to produce over 500 million tpa of urban waste by 2050; and 80 % of this will come from cities, When we take it to our minds , the day will come in a few years to see a real Swacch and Smart India , an INDIA OF OUR DREAMS, laying claim to a clean future more exciting and brilliant than our past. The Environment Committee of Plastindia Foundation has been working for waste management , segregation at source, awareness, implementation of the guidelines of the Government and other issues
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